My Recent Dresser Restoration

Hey everyone. I know I’ve been absent quite some time now, but I have a great reason! I found this cool dresser while I was out hunting at an antique store. Honestly, I’m surprised I even decided to pick it up. It’s not something I’d typically try and restore. However, regardless of that it turned out wonderful.


It was actually pretty easy. And that’s saying a lot because restoring in general is actually really easy. With that being said I’m planning on putting up tutorials of how to restore. Since it’s so easy and it’s so much cheaper than buying the big name brand furniture. I have people who come into my home asking if this and that is pottery barn, when in reality it’s a one of kind creation from me. Of course, these are the people who don’t know that I do restoration because everyone who does just assumes I do it.


Anyways, hope you enjoyed this quick update. I’ve just been busy with this and other projects I look forward to showing you guys. I’m also going to make sure I post more frequently and consistently because I’m here to help anyone who needs any type of help.

My Recent Dresser Restoration

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