Brice Remaley

This little snippet is going to be a quick shout out to the person who pushed me into doing this and doing what I love to do. This guy is Brice Remaley. Brice is a Houston Personal trainer that is a great entrepreneur, as well as trainer. So, I’ll give you some back-story real quick.
I was very miserable at my corporate job. I would drag myself to work every morning and then push myself to get through the day and still get some work done. My overall work performance was deteriorating, as well as my overall happiness. The one thing that kept me sane and gave me some sort of happiness was the restoration of furniture. This was a hobby I had for a long time, but something I never thought could bring me in an income. I would visit antique shops and find things I thought would be cool to restore. After having stored all of these in my garage, I could no longer park my car there; I didn’t know what to do. That was until Brice came to visit me at my house. You see, Brice and I were close friends in college and kept in touch. Anyways, he came over and saw my garage. He was horrified, to say the least. But this is when he opened my eyes. He asked me why I didn’t just sell these and offer a service to people. As dumb as it sounds I never thought about it. That’s when everything started.
Fast forward a few years and I now own, and run, my own furniture restoration business. I was able quit the job I hated and do what I love 24/7. Not only that, But I also make twice what I made at my last job. Since then I’ve decided to start this blog to help anyone who wants to start his or her own. And, again, thank you so much Brice for allowing me to live the life that I love more than anything.
Brice Remaley

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